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Fundraising tips

How to make your appeal stand out on

Posting your appeal on GivingBibles and waiting to see what happens is unlikely to result in many donations. Most people who come to the site are setting up appeals rather than looking to donate to them, so it’s up to you as the creator of the appeal to make it look appealing and direct people to your page. Don't forget to add a photo to your appeal - this could be of your church, your congregation, or the people who the Bibles will be going to. It also helps to write two to three paragraphs of description about why you need to ask others for the Bibles, and who the Bibles are for. Take this as an opportunity to tell the story of your group - this is what will encourage people to donate. 


Tips for sharing my appeal

  • Share your appeal on your personal, church or organisation’s Facebook page or Twitter feed – don’t forget to tag @GivingBibles so we can share it too!
  • Email your family and friends to tell them about your appeal
  • Ask your church to email the congregation about the appeal
  • If you’re not on social media, is there someone in your family or congregation, or one of your volunteers who is and could share the appeal on your behalf?
  • You could do a notice in church, or ask for the appeal to be included in the notices.
  • Why not include an advert for the appeal in the church’s newsletter, whether that is on paper or online.
  • Do all these things more than once! Treat it like you would a Just Giving page – the more times someone sees or hears about the appeal, the more they are reminded to donate!