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St Peter's, Aylesbury

Help us love, serve and transform this Estate!
30 Bibles/Packs required
0 Bibles/Packs donated


St Peter's Church is located in the most deprived estate in Aylesbury, of about 5000 homes and nearly 8000 people. Until recently the Church had been without a full time Minister for nearly ten years. But now all that's changing - Jesus is bringing LIFE and LIGHT!

We want to see the people of Quarrendon transformed by God's love. We believe that the Bible is able to speak relevantly into people's everyday lives. So, as we welcome the people in, we need Bibles for them to read, so they can go out and be salt and light in the community!

Want to help us? Every single donation will be appreciated and used to God's glory!
Created: 11/09/2017