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Cornerstone Soul Survivor Team

Soul Survivor Bible in a Year - Cornerstone Thame
20 Bibles/Packs required
2 Bibles/Packs donated


We believe the Bible changes people's lives and we want to see that happen with our church's young people.

We are taking a group of young people to Soul Survivor this year. Last year we took a large group (see picture) and saw many of our young people from both church and non-churched backgrounds make significant steps forward in their faith. We want to help this year's Soul Survivor group kickstart their passion for the Bible by letting everyone that comes with us to get a copy of the Soul Survivor Bible in a Year so that they are ready to study the Bible together as an online group after the event.
Created: 16/05/2016


20th July 2016

A great ministry. God bless.

Anonymous: donated 1 Bible/pack.
17th May 2016

Anonymous: donated 1 Bible/pack.