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Rock Of Salvation Apostlelic Church

Rock Of Salvation Evangelism Team
6 Bibles/Packs required
0 Bibles/Packs donated


We have been running this evangelism campaign for the last 6 years or so. In these drives, we visit homesless shelters as well as the streets and every christmas festivals, we deliver hampers to over 300-400 residents. This year we are targeting 500-600 residents in the surrounding areas of our church which are Lewisham, Southwank and London Bridge areas. We also plan to visit Greenwich.

Every year we also hold summer picnics were we send out flyers and tracts to invite anyone to come and share a bar-b-que meal with us in our close parks either in Burgess Park or Surrey Canal Park which are both close by our church and are a hive of activities in during the times.

Now the bibles will be a huge boost to our compaign as they will be a perfect compliment to the food and the good will that we have developed with the residents in the sheltered or residential homes as well as the communities around us who we have such an excellent rapport with as well as the councils. I know that we will definately need more bibles but for now we will request 60-100 copies.

Thanking you in the Lord Jesus Christ for your support in this matter.

Watch our hamper compagin here.
Created: 17/02/2018