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Reading Korean Church

Reading Homeless Gospel Ministry
14 Bibles/Packs required
0 Bibles/Packs donated


We are supporting homeless in Reading town, providing food for body and soul.
Every Saturday we visit homeless people and provide lunch pack together with gospel, and prayer.
As this became our regular visit, their hearts are opened and they listen our gospel. We plan to start Bible study with homeless people in Reading. So need many Bible together with single book Gospel tract.
Currently we have no support from anybody and getting Bible becomes the most burdensome to prepare even though homeless community is rapidly growing these days.

As well known, Reading is well known for its growing community of homeless and addicts. We believe gospel is the only solution for those who have no hopes in lives. We believe that sharing the hope of life together with helping hands for their daily food is one of the main duty for the church. We all have different gifts. Some have more financial resources while other have more zeal for this ministry. We have big burden in sharing gospel to the homeless in our hearts even though we are financially in need. By supporting each other, we believe His church becomes more Christ-like. Some with hands, some with money.
Created: 05/06/2018