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Kharis on Campus

Raising up the Young
60 Bibles/Packs required
0 Bibles/Packs donated


We are a church located in central London, and have begun to extend ministry in our local universities. During this time we have had meetings on campuses and have seen many people come to Christ and Christians strengthening their walk with Christ and it has been such a blessing.

It was laid on our hearts to start handing Bibles to new converts as they give their lives to Christ through our ministry. This became a concern as it was voiced that many are not coming from Christian homes and as such do not have Bibles. This is why we are doing an appeal, we want every university student who has made the decision to commit their lives to Christ to have a Bible so they can read God's Word for themselves and have a more intimate and long lasting relationship with their Saviour.

Created: 12/06/2017