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Night Ministry

Night Ministry Homeless Outreach Bibles Appeal
15 Bibles/Packs required
13 Bibles/Packs donated


As a Christian outreach charity SC 046389 operating throughout the night supporting rough sleepers in Dundee and surrounding areas, we aim to demonstrate the love of our father God to all street homeless persons regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability by providing or assisting in the provision of humanitarian support, pastoral care such as listening, befriending, sign posting, supporting, and encouraging in order to save and improve the lives of Dundee's most marginalised people, the street homeless and those caught up in a street lifestyle. We are often asked by our street friends if we can supply them with a bible as they wish to get to know our Lord and saviour.

As a Scottish charity with limited funds which are used to provide food support, clothing, toiletries, etc and we would ask that you support our appeal to have some bibles which we can distribute to our friends.
Created: 22/05/2016


3rd April 2017

Anonymous: donated 8 Bibles/packs.
9th January 2017

Anonymous: donated 2 Bibles/packs.
20th September 2016

Anonymous: donated 2 Bibles/packs.
18th July 2016

What a wonderful mission. Good luck with your appeal.

Anonymous: donated 1 Bible/pack.