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Kirkcaldy Street Pastors

Kirkcaldy Street Pastors - The Word is Out Appeal
10 Bibles/Packs required
10 Bibles/Packs donated


There has been an increase in our spiritual conversations on the street in the past six months. We have no Street pastor bibles and have been giving out Father's Love Letter instead which have also now depleted in stock. Our funds are limited and we have been unsuccessful in our attempts with grant funding applications therefore monies for resources are becoming less. We are now going into the season where we put up promotional stalls at Galas and other public events and it would be an added advantage to have a small stock of Street Pastor Bibles which we could hand out to visitors to our stall, as well as to those who ask about Jesus on the streets of Kirkcaldy.
Created: 27/05/2016


20th September 2016

Anonymous: donated 7 Bibles/packs.
3rd September 2016

God bless you in your work in His Name.

Anonymous: donated 2 Bibles/packs.
1st September 2016


Thank you for this team's commitment for your work. I ask that you bless them and their families. Please let your word come alive to the recipient of this Bible. I ask this through Jesus Christ, amen.

Anonymous: donated 1 Bible/pack.