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Street Church Gwent

Bibles for the Broken
50 Bibles/Packs required
50 Bibles/Packs donated


Street Church Gwent is all about giving out the gospel, mostly to those living a hectic lifestyle who struggle with addiction. We go into areas which are severely oppressed, and minister to people one to one. The ministry itself is really starting to take off. We are led by Brian Jones who has been ordained for this type of work, and we don't go anywhere unless there is a church nearby so we can pass people on to be discipled.

As well as sharing the gospel, we also encourage churches in the area to become missional. We invite church members to come with us, and it's a great opportunity for people to see the gospel go out in power because it gives them the confidence that they can do it also.

I myself personally get an opportunity almost every day to tell someone that Jesus loves them. Almost every week since the beginning of May I have seen souls get saved and the odd one or two people get healed. It is my burning desire to see the city of Newport changed with the gospel. When I heard about, I just had to create an appeal because it would be absolutely fantastic for every person who gives their lives to the Lord through our mission to be handed a Bible there and then.

Thank you so much for donating. God bless you.
Created: 08/10/2016


18th August 2017

Anonymous: donated 1 Bible/pack.
3rd March 2017

Anonymous: donated 48 Bibles/packs.
7th November 2016

God bless you and your ministry, and all those you reach with the Gospel. Amen.

Anonymous: donated 1 Bible/pack.