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St Mary's Aylesbury

St Mary's Aylesbury - NIV Bibles for Chapel
21 Bibles/Packs required
0 Bibles/Packs donated


Many people walk in off the street each day and use the 'Lady Chapel' at St Mary's, Aylesbury to light a candle and reflect quietly. It would be great to make sure there were always Bibles available at hand, that anyone might pick up and begin to read.

The Lady Chapel is also used for Sun 8am & Weekday Services. We'd so love to be able to get everybody engaging and reading from the same Bible version at these Services. At the moment we only have about three various old versions available for people to use.

These new Bibles would also be used for Small Group nights, teaching series, as well as in the main Church when necessary (where we don't 'yet' have Bibles available either! Readings are followed using a pew sheet printed each week!)

We are trying to move forward, so we have recently developed a new website. Visit us at:

Thank you in advance for your amazing generosity!
Created: 06/01/2017