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Crowdsource new Bibles for your church or organisation with Giving Bibles

Watch our video to find out more is a new website designed by Hodder Faith especially for churches or other organisations that need Bibles but can’t afford them.

Perhaps your church needs to replenish its stock of pew Bibles, or maybe there’s a growing youth group you’d like to give youth Bibles to? Whether you need Bibles for your church or school, or even for an Alpha course, Foodbank, Street Pastors’ group or for a local mission, Giving Bibles is the place to come – anyone can set up an appeal.

Select from a range of NIV Bibles and create an online appeal to share with your networks. The site includes Hodder Faith’s most popular NIV Bibles, including pew, youth, children’s and schools’ Bibles. It’s extremely easy to set up an appeal on Giving Bibles – all you need to do is write about why your church or organisation needs the Bibles and share it with your friends, family and followers.

When supporters view your appeal – via email, on Facebook or Twitter, or however you wish to share it – they can see which Bibles your church or organisation needs and choose which ones they would like to donate. Donors can pay using any major credit card, postage is free, and the Bibles will be sent out immediately - so you should receive each Bible or pack of Bibles within five working days of the donation. Bibles can be delivered anywhere in the UK. 

Stuck for inspiration? Here are some different ways you could use Giving Bibles:

* Even if you don’t need pew Bibles, would you like to give out Bibles to newcomers or those without their own Bible?

* Is your youth group ever short of Bibles when it comes to Bible study? You could use Giving Bibles to make sure there are enough to go round, and enough to give away!

* Do you run a night shelter? Would you like to give Bibles to guests or hold a Bible study?

* Are there lots of students at your church? Could you resource their Mission Week with Gospels to give away?

* Do you have a Foodbank or CAP clinic where Bibles could be given away to visitors?

* Maybe you would like to give a copy of the Bible in One Year as a gift to those completing the Alpha Course or Christianity Explored?


Good luck with your appeal! Just click the 'Create Appeal' button to get started.  

We can’t wait to see all the creative ways Giving Bibles will be used!


If you need any help, have any feedback, or questions, please email


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